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FINNISH DESIGN - a concise history

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Applied art and design have shaped culture and the economy in Finland since the late 19th century. In this process they have become an integral aspect of the identity and international image of the country. This book outlines the evolution of design in Finland from the founding stages of the 1870s to the beginning of the 21st century. It focuses on its main underlying factors – industries, training and education, culture, designers and products. Design has operated in the tension between art and industry, and continues to do so, belonging to both but never exclusively to either one. This is the source of its interest and varied dimensions. Design both serves everyday life and enhances it.

Pekka Korvenmaa Ph.D. is Professor of Design and Culture at the School of Design of the University of Art and Design Helsinki. He has published books and articles on the history of Finnish architecture and design both in Finland and abroad.

ISBN: 978-952-60-5600-5
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This revised edition 2014 Aalto ARTS Books, Aalto University in association with V&A Publishing, London

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