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Marianne Aav, Helen W. Drutt English, Gale Jesi. 156 sivua. Designmuseo 2008. ISBN 978-952-9878-59-8. Englanninkielinen.

ROBIN KRANITZKY ( born 1956 ) and KIM OVERSTREET ( born 1955 ), American artists, have worked together since 1985. Their collaboration has grown into an on-going experimentation with materials using found objects. They funnel their active imaginations into tiny theatrical worlds creating wearable dioramas.
Their work is narrative in nature, inspired by social, spiritual, psychological, and politicat events. A variety of symbols are used to evoke emotions, interpretations, and inspirations while depicting the journey of one´s life, its cycle, and search for understanding. While they as artists have an idea, direction, or concept to develop, it is their desire that each visitor to their “theatre” has a vision that is unique and varied.

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