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JENNY NORDBERG - Strategies for Moving Freely

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JENNY NORDBERG - Strategies for Moving Freely

"Freedom is said to be fundamental to a sense of agency. Freedom is also a vital element of critical design practice, and critical design practice can, in turn, be considered vital to our society's and planet's survival in the future. Strategies for Moving Freely stands for and speaks about this freedom." - Suvi Saloniemi, Foreword to the Second Edition

Published in conjunction with Swedish industrial designer Jenny Nordberg's first comprehensive solo exhibition in Finland.


366 sivua, pehmeäkantinen, toinen painos
ISBN: 978-91-8059-539-1
© 2023, Jenny Nordberg, authors, photographers and copyright holders of each object

TOIMITUS: Anna Granqvist, Jenny Nordberg

TEKSTIT: Thomas Ekström, Anna Granqvist, Henriette Noermark, Jenny Nordberg, Suvi Saloniemi 

GRAAFINEN SUUNNITTELU: Kiosk Studio (Josefin Askfelt & Emil Willumsen) 

KUSTANTAJA: Nilleditions 

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