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THE ROAD TO MOSCOW - Textile translations

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Vejen til Moskva

The roads may have been potholed, flooded, or non-existent but in the end we made it to Red Square.

The road to Moscow is the result of a 3-stage bike ride from Berlin to Moscow. The impression of the journey is translated into textile expressions. It was a rough ride on the bike, and it was a long journey with all the threads. The book brings together 5 years of work and describes the journey, the process, the background and all the works. (Woven and woodcuts)

From the book:


This book is not about Russia or Moscow at all. There is such a vast amount that it doesn’t address: history, politics, culture… I have tried; but I gave up. All of Eastern Europe comes tumbling in when I take hold of a small corner and want to write something intelligent. For that reason, I have chosen to stay on track – my own, narrow textile track.

In 1939, Winston Churchill said something to the effect of:

“Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”.

– and I agree.

Anne Mette Larsen May 2O19


ISBN: 978-87-971288-0-0
160 sivua, koko n. 18,5 x 20 cm
Pehmeäkantinen, paljon kuvia

Anne Mette Larsen 2019

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